19th August 2017

Worcester Arena

David Hine

David Hine

Writer / Artist

We’re happy to welcome David Hine to our 2017 line up.

David is a writer and artist known for working on the Marvel comic titles like like X-Men: The 198 and Civil War: X-Men. One of his most recent projects there was Silent War a six-issue mini-series featuring the Inhumans with art by Frazer Irving. Hine has also written a number of What if? stories which look at alternate outcomes to stories like Annihilation and Deadly Genesis.

He was also the writer of Spawn for Image comics from issues # 151 to # 184 as well as writing his own manga series Poison Candy for Tokyopop and the Two-Face issue of The Joker’s Asylum for DC. He will also be writing four issues of The Brave and the Bold with artist Doug Braithwaite, before J. Michael Straczynski starts his run on the title and he wrote the Deathstroke one-shot, which was part of the Faces of Evil series which deals with the aftermath of Final Crisis. He recently wrote the Arkham Asylum one-shot for the Batman Battle for the Cowl event. His one shot lead to a mini series called “Arkham Reborn”, the events lead into David Hine taking over Detective Comics continuing the story.

Hine has written two series for indie publisher, Radical Comics, FVZA: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, with art by Roy Allan Martinez, Wayne Nichols, Kinsun Loh and Jerry Choo.and “Ryder on the Storm” with art by Wayne Nichols, Hugo Petrus, Feigiap Chong and Sansan Saw. From Image Comics, The Bulletproof Coffin with artist Shaky Kane

David Hine will be appearing at Worcester Comic Con 2017
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